Backstedt Bike Fit


Backstedt Bike Performance provides next generation bike fit using cutting edge technology.

Every part of the business has been set up in line with Magnus’ own high demand on having the best. His high standards and setup were renowned in the industry throughout his career and now he has brought this concept to the Backstedt Bike Fit HQ based in Newport, South Wales.


Awesome to see @scottdavies95 riding to a top 20 in the @giroditalia TT after visiting us in the bike fit studio. Proof that #ivehadabikefit works!🔥
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The Next Generation

At Backstedt Bike Performance we also work with young riders and have a specific price point for those under 18 years of age. We provide them with 3 full assessments across the year to accommodate for growth and make sure they are sitting properly on the bike right from the start of their career.

So regardless of whether you want a high performance fit to squeeze those extra watts out of your riding, or you are looking to be comfortable for your next sportif, Magnus and his team will provide you with the best knowledge and advice.

Backstedt Bike Performance have already worked with clubs across Cardiff, Newport, South Wales, Bristol and the West Country.

A truly high-tech experience!

Pricing Structure

Basic Bike Fit

  • 1 hour session

Youth Bike Fit

  • 3 Full fits per year

Standard Bike Fit

  • Full STT 3DMA bike fit

Additional Services

As well as bike fitting, we also offer a number of additional services including tubular tyre fitting and changing of cleats for £10. We are able to source most wheel brands, bike brands, tubs, shoes and helmets, and specialise in track equipment.