The future of bike fitting.


Precision Fitting

Our equipment is built upon a powerful 3D motion capture engine to provide a wealth of information, and it does so with a simple workflow. The system tracks a cyclist in real time, displaying actual 3D data at high frequencies.

Full Body

After only a few seconds, our bike fitting experts, using Cycling 3DMA technology, will provide tracking data and automatic analysis of the entire body: yes! on every joint.

Real Time

All data sets are presented to the cyclist live during the analysis: bio-mechanical parameters and graphs, accurate 3D views, pedalling statistics, etc. This allows for dynamic adjustment and modification of the bike, and for immediate feedback.

>150 parameters

Information on every joint in all 3 planes (positions, rotations, velocities, cadences). Global and specific statistics (means, maximums, minimums, ranges). Instantaneous and global cadences. Anthropometric measurements. Symmetry analysis. Lateral swing, antero-posterior oscillation, vertical displacement analysis. Relative distances between anatomical points.

Accuracy with No Wires

Cycling 3DMA uses passive markers: tiny reflective 10-14mm spheres with neither cables nor batteries. There is no room for estimations or approximate calculations. Cycling 3DMA provides submillimetric accuracy and precision in marker tracking.

Custom Reports

After each bike fitting every customer receives a full customised report, including bike measurements, cycling technique analysis, leg & hip flexion, and other parameters specific to that customer.

High Speed

The data is acquired, processed and displayed to the fitter at a minimum of 100 frames per second: the system would register 50 frames per cycle for a rider pedalling at 120 rpm.